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Thread: TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012

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    TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012


    TOP # 1 : Balika Vadhu

    Balika Vadhu, Set in rural Rajasthan, narrates the story of a child bride Anandi. Having been married at the tender age of eight, to an equally young Jagdish, she enters a new world which is at once alienating and confusing. Torn away from the merriment of childhood, and her family, she has to accept and accustom herself to this new family of strangers, new relationships and accept her roles as friend, lover, wife, and mother as she forges her way in matrimony. This very unique show is produced by Sphere Origins. The star cast includes Avika Gor as Anandi and Avinash Mukherjee as Jagdish. The show will be aired every Monday to Friday at 8 PM.

    CLICK HERE FOR Full List @

    Pratyusha Banerjee Role:Anandi Jagdish Singh

    Shashank Vyas Role:Jagdish Singh (Jagya/Jagat)

    Anjum Farooqi Role:Gauri Jagdish Singh (Gudiya)
    Gauri, was a medical student and met JAgya at the medical college. Theyfell in love with each other. Later it was revealed she is Gudiya with whom Jagya was forcefully married to in the childhood.

    Surekha Sikri Role:Kalyani Devi (Dadisa)
    She is Jagdish's Dadi (grandmother) and is the elder of the family. She rules the household with an iron hand. No one dares to go against her wishes in the family. She mostly comes across as a heartless woman who is very selfish when it comes to her sons especially the elder one. But somewhere deep inside the rigid, cold, cruel exterior lies a heart that may be melted if tried hard enough (so far achieved only by Anandi). She is bound to traditions and often overlooks the human aspect of any situation in order to uphold the pride of her family. She represents everything that is of yester-years in this show. It is the mind-set of people like Dadisa that this show is trying to change.

    Anup Soni Role:Bhairon Dharamveer Singh
    He is Jagdish's father and Daadisa's second son. He is a sensible man who judges right from wrong correctly but often feels helpless in front of his mother's stubbornness. He is caught between his desire respect his mother's wishes and doing what is right in any given situation. He is kind by nature and understanding. He supports his wife and loves his daughter-in-law Anandi as his own child. Though he got his children married at a young age, he along with his wife, have decided not to let them live a married life until they understand the implications of being married and are ready to accept the responsibilities that come along with it. He often is taunted by his mother for being too soft for his support of his wife's ideals.

    Fahad Ali Role:Shravan
    Anandi''s love interest

    Smita Bansal Role:Sumitra Bhairon Singh
    She is Jagdish and Sugna's mother and Bhairav's wife. She is a passive character with a lot of patience and tolerance. She is a dutiful daughter-in-law a good wife and loving mother and wonderful mother-in-law. She gives her healing touch when and where needed. She might as well be the strength that holds the family together. She understands her husband's dilemma but also guides him in doing what is morally right. She is very determined to not let her daughter and daughter-in-law endure the injustices of child-marriage and tries her best to give them the same opportunities that her son enjoys. But its often difficult and close to impossible when an obstacle the size of Dadisa is in the way. But she bares it with patience and never gives up hope. She is most effected by Anandi's and now Gehna's plight.

    Neha Marda Role:Gehna Basant Singh
    She is (estimated) 15 year old who comes from a poor family. She was literally bought by Daadisa to be wedded to Basant, a man more than twice her age. She was forced into this marriage and she is tortured every night by her husband because he wants an heir asap. She finds whatever solace she can in Anandi, Sugna and Sumitra. So far she is tolerating the atrocities quietly but soon she will break the dam of patience and rebel against the injustice.

    Sachin Shroff Role:Shyam Madan Singh
    He is the husband of Sugna and son of Madan Singh

    Jhanvi Chheda Role:Sugna Shyam Singh
    She is Jagdish''s elder sister. She is married but lives with her parents. However she is a typical teenager and meets with her husband secretly when she can. She is very annoyed by her parents who refuse to send her to her husband''s house and often complains about the same to her mother. But she is a very supportive sister to Jagdish and a friend to Anandi. She often speaks against the injustice dealt by Dadisa but is quieted by her mother.

    Satyajit Sharma Role:Basant Mahavir Singh
    He is Jagdish's uncle, Dadisa's first son, Bhairav's brother. He is an alcoholic. His sole purpose in life is to have an heir born to him. He treats women as instruments for childbearing and nothing more. His first wife had several miscarriages due to being pregnant at a young age and she died during child – birth due to lack of proper care. He got married again to a girl old enough to be his daughter and now continues his attempts in having an heir. He often accuses his younger brother of being jealous and not wanting his happiness. He is basically a jerk with little if any goodness in him.

    Smita Oak Role:Kunda Tai

    Bhairavi Raichura Role:Bhagwati Khajaan Singh (Bhago)
    She is Anandi's mother and Khajaan's wife. She is extremely attached to her daughter and wants the best for her but is also inflicted by the ignorance of evils of child-marriage. She insisted on getting Anandi married after witnessing some of the situations of other girls in their village. But ever since Anandi has left her home, Bhagwati is longing to see her daughter. She wishes only that Anandi be happy in her in-law's place.

    Nivideta Bhattacharya Role:Shivani

    Chetanya Adib Role:Khajaan Singh
    He is Anandi's father. He is also a man typical of his surroundings…he adheres to the norms of the society in which lives. Otherwise he is a loving father and husband.

    Rahoul Lohani Role:Niranjan
    Niranjan is Gehna's Music teacher

    Urmila Sharma Role:Phooli Ki Saans

    Sadiya Siddiqui Role:Teacherji

    Rajendra Gupta Role:Mahavir Singh

    Farida Jalal Role:Badi Jiji

    Shivshakti Sachdev Role:Champa
    Champa was Anandi's friend.

    Jehangir Vakil Role:Pratap

    Saakshi Tanwar Role:Teepri

    Avika Gor Role:Anandi (Young)
    Anandi is the female protagonist of the show. She is a bubbly 9 year old who is the only daughter of her parents and is thus pampered. She loves going to school but her studies are cut short when her parents decide to get her married to a respectable family at the tender age as is the tradition in their village. She is distraught at first to leave her parents and her friends and village and to go to a new setting where she faces some hostility but slowly she learns to adjust to the new surroundings and accept her new family with support from her loving in-laws and the new friendship with her husband Jagdish.

    Avinash Mukherjee Role:Jagdish (Young)
    He is a 12 years old who'd much rather play cricket with friends than do homework. He is the favorite grandchild of his Dadisa also because he is the only male child in the family. One day he is pulled out of a match to be informed that he is getting married. He initially doesn't like his wife Anandi as she has too much attitude according to him and gets a lot of attention from his parents. But slowly he sees a different side of the coin when she starts helping him with his homework. He even stands up for Anandi and defends her in front of his Dadisa who is no less than a tyrant. Soon they become friends though they constantly have sweet banters.

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012

    # 2Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha

    Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha is an unusual love story of Megha and Mohan who start off by hating each other and discover love in their tumultuous relationship. Megha is a dutiful daughter-in-law and a single mother of two kids who goes out of her way for her family. Mohan is a self-centered bachelor who does not believe in the values that Suhita stands for. Fate orchestrates their lives in such a way that they are perpetually pitted against each other. An interesting tale on the challenges faced by Megha and Mohan in discovering each other and finding love.


    Kunal Karan Kapoor Role:Mohan
    Mohan is a crime reporter, a carefree, happy-go-lucky guy, who is constantly hunting for fun and adventure. He is happy to be the way he is and isn't looking for any added baggage or complication in his life.He is kind of guy who loves to live on the edge. The profession lets him live like an adrenaline junkie. He believes in having an adventurous and exciting life

    Aakanksha Singh Role:Megha Vyas
    Megha a regular housewife whose life revolves around the four walls of her home taking care of her kids with whom she shares a very special bond being a single mother. Megha's journey is the journey of a bird that has been caged by fate and has to fly free again.

    Navina Bole Role:Koyal
    Koyal is the girlfriend of the builder who framed Amar Vyas.

    Nirav Soni Role:Tanmay Vyas
    Tanmay Vyas or Tanu is the only son of Renu and Snajay Vyas.A very spoilt brat, highly influenced by gadgets and bike.He loves to show off. The character has different shades to play. He can be very irresponsible and mature at the same time.

    Urmila Sharma Role:Chanchal

    Dushyant Wagh Role:Guru

    Ashnoor Kaur Role:Navika Vyas/Nanhi
    She is a silhouette of her mother's childhood and therefore is very courageous and fearless. Spontaneous and Audacious Nanhi is full of ideas and jumps into adventures without thinking. As they say all great things come in small packages, same is the case with Nanhi.

    Vishesh Bansal Role:Aditya Vyas/Addu
    Addu is a grumpy kid and misses his father's death has deeply affected him.He misses his father so much that he also resents the idea of another father.

    Mehendi Jain Role:Nidhi
    daughter of Chanchal

    Rohit Bharadwaj Role:Mr. Aman Vyas

    Rinku Karmarkar Role:Renu Vyas
    Renu is materialistic by nature. She pampers her son, feeds him almonds and milk in the hopes that he will become intelligent and will change their fortunes some day. She is jealous of Megha and also wants her husband to be romantic and earn more.

    Madhuri Bhandiwdekar Role:Saroj Vyas
    She is Saroj Vyas wife of Vedkant Vyas .She is the kind of a person who invests most of her time taking care of her family. She loves her husband and respects his values in life but at the same time, she feels that he is too idealist and she has to retain the practical aspect in relationships. She was very much attached to her son Amar and is finding it difficult to accept his untimely death. She tends to favor he daughter-in-law Renu over Megha but adores her grandchildren Nanhi and Addu.

    Sachin Parikh Role:Sanjay Vyas
    He is the elder son of Amar. He is little timid and miser by nature. He works as an accountant and brings home a meager salary which is hardly sufficient to meet their needs. Due to his wive''s goading, he also does some accounting work on his laptop from home to earn the extra 3-4 K required per month.

    Anjan Srivastava Role:Vedkant Vyas
    His character is of a simple man who belongs to the school of thoughts that believe in being satisfied in whatever you have and not let the whole family suffer to earn their living. He has two sons, Sanjay and Amar. Amar''s unfortunate demise comes as a big shock to him although remains from his past have affected the reputation of his family. He is determined to clear the accusations put on his son and supports Megha a lot.

    Neelu Kohli Role:Indu Bhatnagar
    She is Mohan''s mother. A Very chirpy, light hearted character who struggles to maintain peace between her husband and son in a comic way. She is a doting mother of Mohan who still treats him like a teeny bopper which in turn embarrasses Mohan. Meanwhile like a typical mother she can''t stop nagging her son to get married.

    Madhuri Sanjeev Role:JIJI/Usha Dhebar
    She is Vedkant Vyas's younger, widowed sister who has been living with the family for last 40 years. She is an optimistic person who finds happiness in amll and simple things in life. Her philosophy is to add that gota/silver lining to everything in life.

    Puneet Paujawani Role:Prateik

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012

    # 3
    Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

    Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka is produced by television maverick Ekta Kapoor. The story revolves around a fallen hero Kunal Chopra played by Samir Soni who has lost his zest in life due to his failures and continues to lead a nonchalant life. Kunal was once a career oriented and successful lawyer; but fate had something else in store for him. His professional career in tatters, he tries his hand at other ventures; but they all fail. Dejected , Kunal begins to feel as a failure amidst his family and the society at large. Watch the story unfold as Kunal finds his way in life.

    Sameer Soni Role:Kunal Chopra

    Mona Wasu Role:Richa Thakral
    Kunal''''s ex-girlfriend, daughter of J K Thakral

    Ayaz Khan Role:Gaurav Chopra
    Kunal''s brother

    Keerti Nagpure Role:Siddhi Malik
    The main female protagonist

    Prerna Wanvari Role:Raveena Chopra
    Kunal''s sister

    Deepak Sandhu Role:Vikram Garewal
    Seema''s brother

    Alka Amin Role:Veena Chopra
    Kunal''s mother

    Khushboo Shroff Role:Shilpa Malik
    Siddhi's Sister

    Karam Rajpal Role:Rohit Thakral

    Aarti Singh Role:Seema Chopra
    Kunal'' sister in law

    Abhay Bhargava Role:J K Thakral
    Kunal''s x father-in-law

    Amit Singh Thakur Role:Sudhanshu Garewal
    Seema''s & Vikram''s father

    Mukesh Solanki Role:Kapil Malik
    Siddhi''s brother

    Vivek Mishraa Role:Raj Chopra
    Kunal's Father

    Saurabh Raj Jain Role:Anand Chopra

    Madhurima Tuli Role:Ex Richa Thakral
    Kunal''s ex-girlfriend, daughter of J K Thakral

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012

    # 4
    Veer Shivaji

    'Veer Shivaji is a historical saga based on the life of Shivaji, the great Maratha Warrior who under the guidance of and inspiration from his mother went on to become the founder of the Maratha Empire.

    Paras Arora Role:Shivaji Shahaji Raje Bhosle

    Palak Jain Role:Saibai Shivaji Raje Bhosle
    Wife Of Shivaji

    Ayesha Kaduskar Role:Soyara bai
    Shivaji''s 2nd wife

    Shilpa Tulaskar Role:Jijabai Shahaji Raje Bhosle
    Shivaji''s mother

    Milind Gunaji Role:Shahaji Raje Bhosle

    Mandar Jadhav Role:Sambhaji Shahaji Raje Bhosle
    Shivaji''s elder brother

    Amit Behl Role:Sonopant

    Natasha Sinha Role:Begum Huzur
    mother of Sultan Adil Shah

    Alok Narula Role:Rustam Chacha

    Hemant Choudhary Role:Shyamraj Nilkanth Pant

    Sonia Singh Role:Rambha Raigin/Jarabai

    Tarun khanna Role:Afzal Khan

    Manoj Kumar Role:Aurangzeb
    the mughal emperor against Shivaji

    Sharhaan Singh Role:Zaffer Bag

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012

    # 5
    Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat

    Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat' is an intriguing tale of a girl from Delhi, called Neha, who gets married to her prince charming, Rishi. Everything was perfect in their marriage until one morning, when she wakes up, not with Rishi, but Kabir, who claims to be her husband, but is a complete stranger. Who is Kabir? What does he want? Where is Rishi? Watch this thrilling story of Neha unfold, as her life goes through a gamut of emotions filled with unpredictable twists & turns.

    Hunar Hali Role:Neha Shikhawat/Aditi Jasiwal
    Rishi's Wife/Kabir's Wife

    Abhishek Malik Role:Rishi Shikhawat
    Neha's/Aditi's Real Husband

    Avinesh Rekhi Role:Kabir Jaiswal
    Neha''s/Aditi''s Fake Husband

    Dev Keswani Role:Karan

    Karan Goddwani Role:Ranveer

    Sooraj Thapar Role:Inspector Dushyant Singh

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012

    # 6
    Kairee - Rishta Khatta Meetha

    Jay Bhanushali Role:Anuj

    Preeti Chaudhary Role:Ambi

    Leena Jumani Role:Mala

    Roshani Shetty Role:Sajni

    Jaanvi Sangwan Role:Kalavati
    mother of Mala

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012

    # 7


    This is a story of Ichcha, born in the slums of a city but one who desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. In the hope of giving her a better life, Ichcha’s mother joins a rich household as a maid.

    Ichcha befriends Tapasya (the daughter of the lady of the house), but soon learns the hard lesson that servants will never be considered at part of a family, no matter how much they sacrifice for them.

    However things change when Mahindra, suitor of Tapasya, falls in love with good natured Ichcha. Can she dare to expect him to stand up for her & their love? Or can the poor never be allowed to be happy?


    Tina Dutta Role:Ichcha Veer Singh Bundela / Meethi Veer Singh Bundela

    Vikas Bhalla Role:Veer Singh Umed Singh Bundela

    Sreejita De Role:Mukta Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore

    Saurabh Raj Jain Role:Yuvraj Veer Singh Bundela

    Chaitanya Chowdhury Role:Kanha

    Ayub Khan Role:Jogi Thakur

    Pragati Mehra Roleivya Thakur
    Divya Thakur is a typical high-heeled woman who is very conscious of standing in the society. She is arrogant, sturdy, stylish and divergent from Jogi Thakur. She takes care of the Thakur household and illustrates arrogance and callous behavior. She only gets feeble before her husband, Jogi Thakur for whom she has great respect and regard. She fumbles when Jogi is around and usually hesitant to go against her husband’s decision or opinion. Tapasya being her only child, she is over-protective towards her and cares for her. Only thing that bothers Divya is her inability to produce another kid and fulfill Tapasya wish of having another sibling. Another thing that makes Divya feel guilty is not producing a male heir. In the past seven generations of the Thakurs, hers is the only girl child. But her husband, Jogi Thakur has been extremely supportive towards her and has been her pillar of strength.

    Gaurav S Bajaj Role:Aman

    Pratima Kazmi Role:Sumitra Devi Nani

    Vaishali Thakkar Roleamini Rajendra Bharati
    Damini is Ichcha’s mother; she is around 30 years old and a widow. She earns a living by working as a maid in a rich household. She lives with Ichcha in a rented house in a Mumbai slum. Damini is uneducated, pitiable and full of values. She is soft spoken, straight-forward and reserved. Ichcha is her only child whom she loves dearly and seek happiness for her. She lives with only one motive in life that is to provide her daughter every possible means to a superior livelihood. She keeps her problems to herself and never lets Ichcha know their dreadful state of affairs. She encourages Ichcha to dream big and preserves Ichcha’s spirits. She tries to fulfill every wish that Ichcha has like a doting mother. She works hard to make ends meet and has been single handedly taking care of Ichcha after her husband’s death. She has compromised with her situation and is contented with whatever she has. She keeps telling Ichcha to be happy and assertive given the situation they live in. But Ichcha is far from contended and hopes to secede from this life.

    Akanksha Awasthi Role:Rohini

    Praneeta Sahu Role:Surabhi

    Beena Banerjee Role:Gunwanti Umed Singh Bundela
    Gunwanti(Veer's Mother)

    Akhil Mishra Role:Umed Singh Bundela

    Farida Dadi Role:Anjum nani

    Monalika Bhonsle Role:Chanda

    Pawan Mahendru Role:Kasa kaka

    Shikha Singh Role:Kuki

    Suneel Sinha Role:Thakur Tej Singh

    Vikas Sethi Role:Insepactor SP Avinash Matto
    Avinash Matto Police Inspector

    Sharhaan Singh Role:Sid/Siddharth Verma

    Aastha Chaudhary Role:Madhura

    Sharad Kelkar Role:Satyaveer

    Gaurav Chopra Role:Raghuvendra Prathap Rathore

    Rashmi Desai Sandhu Role:Tapasya Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Colors TV 2012

    # 8
    Sasural Simar Ka

    This story with the tentative title 'Sasural Simar Ka' is the journey of an ordinary young small town girl, Puja, who has grown up in her middle class family, under her father's strict discipline and is well prepared to continue living under her husband's shadow in future. She loves her father a lot and vice versa, whose teachings have enriched her with strong values and rooted her deep in culture. But her simple sounding story takes a sharp turn when her dreams and discipline of middle class come face to face. Her passion for dancing and peer pressure induces her to enroll in a dance competition. She starts chasing her dream without letting both her father and her Sasural people know about it, with support from some family members and above all, her husband. This hide and seek creates many challenging and interesting situations which are dealt with a light hearted treatment. Puja's journey is close to the thousands of middle class girl's dreams living in small towns, aspiring for something but deprived due to their situations and circumstances.


    Dipika Samson Role:Simar
    ‘Simar’ the protagonist of Sasural Simar Ka is an attractive, religious, full of values and ambitious girl from Vrindavan.Dance is her passion. She loves her father a lot yet is scared of him. Being the eldest sister in the family, acceptingresponsibility comes naturally to her. Her relationship with her bua and younger sister is that of best friends.

    Avika Gor Role:Roli
    She portrays the character of Simar’s younger sister. She is a TV buff and has the keys to all unopened gossip of TV industry and mimics the TV artists. She is a cleanliness freak who keeps everything in order. Her style of speaking is greatly influenced by television and she taunts her mother and sister on trivial matters regularly.

    Shoaib Ibrahim Role:Prem
    He is the love intrest of Simar

    Manish Raisinghania Role:Siddharth

    Nishigandha Wad Role:Prem's Mother

    Vishal Role:Satyendar

    Jaya Ojha Role:Meena Jamna Lal Dwivedi

    Jayati Bhatia Role:Nirmala Bhardwaj
    She heads the family, is a stickler but fun loving and has grey shades.

    Sahil Anand Role:Shailender

    Snehal Sahay Role:Prem;s Bhabhi

    Priyamvada Kant Role:Anisha

    Pankaj Dheer Role:Jamna lal Dwivedi
    Jamna lal Dwivedi a short tempered disciplinarian, autocratic father of Simar

    Himani Shivpuri Role:Rajjo Bua
    Rajjo Bua, who is a great support toSimar and balances the power in the house.

    Abhishek Sharma Role:Sankalp Bhardwaj

    Adarsh Gautam Role:Rajendar Bharadwaj

    Rak**** Wahi Role:Gautam Jamna Lal Dwivedi

    Ashiesh Roy Role:Suryendar Bharadwaj

    Jitendra Trehan Role:Kaka

    Janvi Vora Role:Karuna Suryendar Bharadwaj


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