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Thread: TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

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    TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012


    About Zee TV

    Zee TV, the flagship channel of Zee Network was launched in October 1992. With a reach of more than 167 countries and access to more than 500 million viewers globally, Zee TV has created strong brand equity and is the largest media franchise serving the South Asian diaspora. Within sixteen years of its launch, Zee TV has driven the growth of the satellite and cable industry in India. Since its inception the channel has introduced some path breaking programs like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Choti Bahu, Lux Dance India Dance and Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Pavitra Rishta, Aap Ki Antara L’il Champs and recently launched Jhansi Ki Rani & 12/24 Karol Bagh to name few. The popularity of Zee arises from its understanding of Indian culture and beliefs, which are depicted in its programming. Zee TV is ...

    Full List @ TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

    # 1
    Punar Vivah

    It's said that Marriage is an institution that brings two hearts closer, but can marriage be that institution which brings two broken hearts together?.
    Does Marriage only happen once and remain for lifetime? Does Remarriage equate to marriage...does a person feel the same excitement, same enthusiasm about his remarriage as he felt about his first marriage. Along with remarriage , the duties, responsibilities remain the same as marriage , even if you dont wish to yet you have to fulfil these duties. Expectations from such remarriage remain the same as the first marriage, does an individual feel the same enthusiasm to fufill these dreams and expectations as the first marriage ?
    Thus Punar Vivaah is a story about two individuals who are heartbroken, two individuals who have shared their lives with some else earlier, who have shared those magical moments of first marriage with someone else yet due to circumstances now they are bonded into the holy institution of marriage for a second time and from there begins the journey they embark upon thereafter.

    Gurmeet Choudhary Role:Yash Scindia

    Kratika Sengar Role:Aarti Dubey-Scindia

    Zahida Parveen Role:Gayatri Scindia
    Yash''s Mother

    Dishank Arora Role:Pratiek Sindhiya
    Yash''s Younger Brother

    Leena Jumani Role:Paridi

    Rakesh Kukreti Role:Pankaj Scindia
    Yash's Elder Brother

    Samragyi Nema Role:Vidhi Scindia
    Yash''s Elder Sister-In Law

    Chetan Pandit Role:Suraj Pratap Scindia
    Yash''s Father

    Amit Singh Thakur Role:Satyendra Dubey
    Aarti's Father In Law. Father of her ex-husbandAdvertisement

    Geeta Tyagi Role:Shobha Dubey
    Aarti''s Mother in Law (Prashant's Mom)

    Pankhuri Jain Role:Mansi
    Arti's Close Friend

    Sarwar Ahuja Role:Prashant Dubey
    Aarti''s First Husband

    Shweta Munshi Role:Arpita Scindia

    Yash's First Wife (Dead)

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

    # 2 Hitler Didi

    The show focuses on the struggles of a working girl,Indira sharma who is 25 years old. modern girl who handles her family and her profession together.
    She is well known as 'hitler didi' in her locality,as she is very serious.She has utmost concern for her family and hates her father Day to day challenges,professional,finanacial and family issues made her lose her sweet smile She has emotions but burries them in her heart.She is always taunted by her family inspite of working day and night for them.

    So story continues ----will indira get back her smile and happiness?Is there anyone for her to bring colours to her life?

    Rati Pandey Role:Indira Sharma

    Sumit Vats Role:Rishi Kumar Diwan

    Mrunal Jain Role:Sameer Diwan
    Rishi''s brother

    Rahul Pendkalkar Role:Ishaan

    Shabnam Role:Jhumpa
    Stepmother of Indira

    Sandeep Baswana Role:Munna Sharma

    Smita Singh Role:Sunaina Bhabhi

    Gargi Sharma Role:Mandira

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

    # 3 Pavitra Rishta

    It is a story of a girl, Archana, who though is not highly educated but handles the whole house work impeccably. Every one is dependant on her but except for her brother and mother no one really values her importance.Her mother has a sole aim of getting a good, well educated boy drawing a good salary for Archana. Because of this Archana’s marriage plans have always been full of obstacles.Simultaneously runs the story of boy Sushant; a garage owner; who gets besotted by Archana on the very first sight. Destiny and circumstances make his marriage proposal reach archana but to be accepted he has to lie about his credentials, which because of unavoidable situations he does.The marriage takes place but the moment Archana comes to know about the lie she refuses to go with Sushant.The story continues from here – what remains to be seen is what happens to Archana who inspite of being married does not go to stay with her husband, will the two people who are made for each other ever come together?

    Ankita Lokhande Role:Archana (Manav) Deshmukh
    Archana is the main lead of the show. She isn't educated and that's why she doesn't get any marriage proposals. Even though she is not educated well she is still a woman people would die for. Her mother wants a boy for her who is rich and can give Archana all the facilities she wants. She respects her elders.

    Hiten Tejwani Role:Manav Damodar Deshmukh

    Sushant Singh Rajput Role:Ex-Manav Deshmukh
    Manav is a handsome mechanic who works all day to earn money for his family. He is in love with Archana. He is a guy who has respect for his parents. He is not rich and he is a person who has no dreams. All his dreams are to be able to support his family financially. He is the only one that earns money in his family, so he has a lot of stress.

    Puru Chibber Role:Sachin Manav Deshmukh
    Archana & Manav's Adopted Son (Biological Son of Sachin and Shravani)

    Mrinalini Tyagi Role:Tejswini Manav Deshmukh
    Archana & Manav's Twin Daughter

    Shruti Kanwar Role:Ovi Manav Deshmukh
    Archana & Manav's Twin Daughter

    Rithvik Dhanjani Role:Arjun Kirloskar
    Ashna & DK's Son

    Asha Negi Role:Purvi Deshmukh
    Archana's Adopted Daughter

    Neha Sehgal Role:Ria Gupta
    Manav's secretary

    Prarthana Behere Role:Ex-Vaishali Karanjikar
    Manohar and Sulochana's youngest daughter, Vaishali (Prarthana) maintains a low-profile in the family. Like Varsha, Vaishali too shares the feeling that Sulochana loves Archana more than her. Pursuing her graduation, Vaishali always boasts about being more educated than Archana.

    Usha Nadkarni Role:Savita (Damodar) Deshmukh
    Savita is Damodar's second wife and Manav's step-mother. Though she feigns care and concern for Manav, she despises him. She camouflages her actual feelings as Manav is the sole breadwinner of the family. Not wanting any threat to her financial condition, Savita opposes any marriage plans for Manav.

    Savita Prabhune Role:Sulochana (Manohar) Karanjakar
    Archana's mother

    Jia Mustafa Role:Punni Vinod Karanjkar
    Vinod & Manjusha''s First Daughter

    Manasi Salvi Role:Ashna Kirloskar
    DK's Wife

    Naved Aslam Roleivya Sagar Kirloskar
    Manav''s Boss

    Sumit Arora Roleharmesh Jaipurwala
    Sulochana''s Third Son-In-Law

    Raashul Tandon Role:Aniket Dharmesh Jaipurwala
    Dharmesh & Vaishali''s Son

    Meghna Kinare Role:Ruchi Vinod Karanjkar
    Vinod & Manjusha's Second Daughter

    Madhumita Das Role:Vaishali (Dharmesh) Jaipurwala

    Ajay Wadhavkar Roleamodar Deshmukh
    Manavs father

    Parag Tyagi Role:Vinod Manohar Karanjkar
    Manohar and Sulochana's eldest child, Vinod (Parag Tyagi) is protective about Archana, Varsha and Vaishali. Vinod is employed with a ticket checker (TC) in the Indian Railways. Vinod is kind and humble by nature, unlike his wife Manjusha. Vinod doesn't approve Manjusha's attitude but suffers in silence to maintain peace in the family.

    Suwati Anand Role:Manjusha (Vinod) Karanjkar
    Vinod's selfish and egotistic wife, Manjusha (Swati Anand) has no respect for her in-laws. Hailing from a rich family, Manjusha considers the Karanjikars inferior and leaves no opportunity to insult them. Manjusha hates contributing to the household chores.Employed with the Income Tax department, Manjusha wants to move out of the Dombivli residence of Karanjikars along with Vinod and their daughter Purnima. She hates Archana and believes that the family gives her undue importance. Manjusha often insults Archana for not being able to find a suitable husband.

    Yamini Thakur Role:Vandita (Ajit) Lokhande
    Damodar and Savita's second child, Vandita is very close to Manav and loves him a lot. She respects Manav for the effort he takes to earn money for the family. Her love is reciprocated in equal measure by Manav.

    Mahesh Shetty Role:Jaywant Rane (Dharmesh's Manager)

    Anurag Sharma Role:Satish Deshpande

    Sulochana's Second Son-In-Law & Varsha's Husband

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

    # 4 Afsar Bitiya

    Afsar Bitiya is a story of a girl who makes a mark in her life and becomes someone to reckon in the society only through sheer hard work and dedication towards studies.

    Kinshuk Mahajan Role:Pinto Singh

    Mitali Nag Role:Krishna

    Shivshakti Sachdev Role:Pinky

    Monica Khanna Role:Swati
    Elder sister of Krishna

    Yash P. Sinha Role:Babloo Singh

    Meena Mir Role:Saraswati

    Shahbaz Khan Role:Tun Tun Singh

    Prachee Pathak Roleihati Chachi

    Neeraj Sood Role:Neeraj

    Virendra Saxena Role:Vidya

    Indira Krishnan Role:Ganga
    Mother of the lead

    Neha Prajapati Role:Manisha
    eldest daughter of Vidyapati

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

    # 5 Chhoti Bahu

    This endearing and fresh story of Chhoti Bahu will have a new plot and many more actors, Dev – Radhika aka Avinash Sachdev and Rubina Dilaik will once again warm your hearts as the divine couple intensely in love.The show will be set in Rawal, the place where the spiritual love between Radha and Krishna actually blossomed according to Indian mythology. The divine love story of Dev and Radhika will start when they are kids. Unlike the protagonists of the first season, Dev and Radhika will not be silent spectators and will now be projected as more outspoken and pro-active people. The story of the new version of Choti Bahu will begin in Rawal and later move to Mathura.

    Rubina Dilaik Role:Radhika

    Avinash Sachdev Roleev

    Sushmita Daan Role:Padma
    Second bahu of the family, widow with two kids.

    Saurav Chakrabarti Role:Rohan
    He is the eldest cousin of Dev. He has an aim to grab the entire property. He plays the son on Maheshwari.

    Micckie Dudaaney Role:Virat Purohit
    (son of Maheshwari)

    Sangeeta Kapure Role:Mohini

    Pragati Mehra Role:Maheshwari
    Is the elder bahu of the family

    Aditya Lakhia Role:Mansaram
    (Radhika''s father)

    Rakesh Pandey Roleadaji

    Nivin Ramani Role:Kanha
    (Lord Krishna )

    Siddharth Sen Role:Chhenu
    (Radhika's brother)

    Benaf Dadachanji Role:Barkha
    ( Radhika''s friend from ''Gurukul'')

    Nikunj Pandey Role:Young Dev

    Hiten Tejwani Role: Shantanu

    Muskaan Uppal Role:Radhika (Child)
    Plays Radhika in Chilhood.

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

    # 6

    Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli

    The family lives in Ujjain in their palatial mansion called Swarn Bhawan. The story revolves around these main characters, and the problems they face, and how the girl stands for her father and protects the house and the honor of her father


    Karan V Grover Role:Karan Prasad
    Jagmohan Prasad's youngest son, protagonist, Abha's husband)/ Ranchod Tiwari (Karan's twin, one of Jagmohan Prasand's twin sons

    Suhasi Dhami Role:Swarn Abha
    Thakur's youngest daughter,protagonist, married to Karan jagmohan Prasad

    Alok Nath Role:Thakur Uday Pratap Singh
    hakurain's husband, the landlord who has inherited the majestic Swarn Bhawan from his ancestors

    Sameer Dharmadhikari Role:Raj Singhania
    man that buys swarn bhavan on a condition of marrying his sister

    Smita Jaykar Role:Thakurain Chandra Prabha
    Thakur's wife) and Lata, Prakash and Abha's mother

    Iqbal Khan Roler Viren Roy

    Namrata Thapa Role:Swarn Lata
    Thakur's eldest daughter, Abha's eldest sister

    Tarun Mehta Role:Swarn Prakash
    Thakur's son, Abha's brother and now Abha's small sister-in-law Kanika's husband

    Surbhi Tiwari Role:Pratibha

    Samiksha Role:Nilanjana Roy

    Shiwangi Sharma Role:Kanika

    Shishir Sharma Role:Jagmohan beta Prasad
    Thakur's driver's son, his biggest enemy who now resides in Swarn Bhawan; he is Karan's father and Abha's father-in-law

    Dimple Inamdar Role:Priyanka chopra
    Veer''s Wife

    Natashamohan Sharma Role:Vasundhara
    Ghost that haunts abha and her family and is after abha''s child

    Preeti Chaudhary Role:Saniya Mathur
    Karan''s childhood friend, Sanskaar''s wife

    Zahida Parveen Role:Yashodara
    Pratibha''s and Ranjit''s sister, married to Jagmohan, hates Abha

    Harsh Vasishta Role:Vimal Prasad
    Jagmohan Prasad's eldest son, married to Shaili,

    Ankur Nayyar Role:Sanskar
    Abha's childhood friend, loved Abha, antagonist, married to Saniya, now protagonist

    Navina Bole Role:Karishma Siddharth
    Ranchod Tiwari ''s)Girlfriend

    Amit Singh Thakur Role:Naresh
    Sanaya Father

    Sarika Nanda Role:Yashodharas Saas

    Zarina Wahab Role:Ex-Pratibha
    Karan's mother

    Sonia Singh Role:Koyal

    Darshan Pandya Roleevashish Mukherjee
    Lata's new boss

    Tinu Anand
    Roleamodar Patil
    Sakshi Talwar Bansal Role:Ex Saniya Mathur
    Karan's childhood friend, Sanskaar's wife

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

    # 7
    Phir Subah Hogi

    Narayani Shastri Role:Gulabia

    Varun Badola Role:Thakur Vikram Singh

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    Re: TOP 10 shows of Zee TV 2012

    # 8 Dance India Dance

    Grand Finale Photos: Zee TV's Dance India Dance Season 3 (DID3 ...

    21 Apr 2012 ... Zee TV's Dance India Dance-3 winner is Rajasmitsa Kar ... The Grand Finale of ' Maruti Suzuki DANCE INDIA DANCE' marked the end of a ...

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    Participants/Contestants/Photos/Videos: Dance India Dance ...

    Page 3- Participants/Contestants/Photos/Videos: Dance India Dance Doubles ( DID Doubles) Television India Forums.

    LIVE Streaming Videos: Zee TV's Dance India Dance Season 3 ...

    Dance India Dance Season 3 Winner *Rajasmita Kar* High Quality Youtude Video - LookDown the winner of DID Seson 3 - Rajasmita Kar with her Master ...

    Dance India Dance Junior coming soon!! - Wiki NewForum

    Dance India Dance Junior coming soon!! Television India Forums.

    Full Details: Dance Ke Baap-Dance India Dance Little Master ...

    Zee TV's Dance India Dance Season 3 is gearing up in on the TRP charts and the audience will soon witness the Dance Ke Baap-Dance India ...

    Participants/Contestants/Jodes: Zee TV's Dance India Dance ...

    Participants/Contestants/Jodes: Zee TV's Dance India Dance Season 4 (Full Details) Television India Forums.


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